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About Us

The Hawaii State Junior Golf Association was founded in 1998 with its primary goal to be all-inclusive. The purpose of the Hawaii State Junior Golf Association is to provide an environment where any junior golfer, male or female ages 7 –18, can enjoy golf and progress at his/her own rate from beginner to a proficient level while promoting and preserving the traditions and integrity of the game. By being committed to this purpose, the Association will build its reputation as being one of the best in the country in preparing junior golfers for the future. The Hawaii State Junior Golf Association is a non-profit, tax exempt organization under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and gains it’s funding through memberships, sponsorships, grants and contributions. Contributions to the Association are thus tax deductible, to the full extent of the law, by individuals and corporations alike. A Board of Directors consisting of leading business professionals, parents, golf enthusiasts and golf professionals governs the HSJGA. Members of the Board serve as volunteers and help guide the Association’s activities.  

History of the HSJGA

The HSJGA was founded in 1998 by Norman Asao, the Oahu Junior Golf Association, Merv Kotake, Greg Nichols, PGA and Mary Bea Porter-King, LPGA/USGA.  The association was fashioned from a need to have one organization represent junior golf in Hawaii and open to any child at a minimal cost.  The goal was to provide an environment where any male or female junior, ages 7-18 years could enjoy golf and progress at his/her own rate while preserving and teaching the traditions and integrity of the game of golf. The four founding members formed a Board of Directors to represent the world of golf in Hawaii.   At the first meeting of the board, Dennis Rose, PGA (1948-2007) was elected as the first President from 1998-1999.  The following year, Mary Bea Porter-King, LPGA, was elected President and has been re-elected each year until the present.  A volunteer Board of Directors, an Advisory Committee of business leaders and a Professional Advisory Committee of statewide golf professionals as well as parents and golf enthusiasts guide the HSJGA's activities, which include tournaments and developmental and educational programs.  Each year, the HSJGA is able to offer more and more opportunities to its members.  These include college workshops, mental/physical training clinics, Rules of Golf clinics, National/International Team Competition, Junior Tour Series and entry into competitive National and International events.