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General Membership Information

Membership Information   Membership is open to male and female junior golfers who meet the following qualifications: • Are between the ages of 7 to 18**. • Have not reached their 19th birthday and have not entered college. • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the game. *Not all events are open for age 18 juniors. **The HSJGA age determination date is July 15, 2016 Annual membership is from January 1 – December 31. However, membership is terminated on the junior’s 19th birthday or on the first day of class when the junior enters college, whichever occurs first. Once membership is terminated, juniors may no longer participate in HSJGA events and will forfeit any exemptions earned but not yet used. The annual membership fee is $35. This fee includes a membership handbook, one year USGA Junior Membership, college workshops, instructional clinics, rules workshops, 2012-2013 Rules of Golf book, bag tag (one, when joining the HSJGA), GHIN handicap (donated by the HSGA and USGA) and participation in the activities and programs of the HSJGA. Fees may be charged for the mental training, physical training and instructional clinics. If a junior becomes a member after October 1, the membership fee shall be reduced to $15 and shall exclude USGA Junior membership and HSGA handicap.