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HSJGA Code of Conduct

Association Rules and Code of Conduct

All members, families and spectators are required to adhere to the Code of Conduct for all events conducted by the HSJGA. The infractions listed below are considered serious offenses. Parents will be notified by a letter and the resulting consequence(s) will be enforced. All disciplinary matters will go before the Executive Committee.

Penalties such as a suspension from the next tournament will carry over into the next calendar year. In the case of expulsion, a junior may apply for readmission to the HSJGA after the passage of one (1) year from the time of the expulsion.

No refunds will be issued for disqualifications and/or juniors who are not allowed to play due to dress code or other compliance issues.

Infractions must be reported to the event’s Tournament Committee before the close of competition or before juniors are either off the course premises or have been released from the control of the HSJGA. The HSJGA’s Rules and Code of Conduct are in effect while members are on the premises for an HSJGA event. This includes practice rounds, all team events, while juniors are being housed or are traveling under HSJGA sponsorship or on any transportation vehicle provided by the HSJGA. Any violation which occurs after the close of competition will be applied to the next event or as otherwise noted. All violations will be active and on file in the HSJGA office for one year from the date of the infraction.


Use of Alcohol/Drugs 1st offense: Expulsion from program

Cheating, Gambling, 1st offense: Disqualification & suspension from

Stealing, Abuse of Course*, next HSJGA tournament entitled to enter.

Fighting, Smoking 2nd offense: 25 point deduction & disqualification and suspension from next HSJGA tournament entitled to enter

Club Throwing,                                                  1st offense: Warning

Abusive Language,                                           2nd offense: 25 point deduction & disqualification

Insubordination and suspension from the next HSJGA tournament

Dress Code 1st offense: Warning

2nd offense: 25 point reduction

Subsequent infractions: 50 point deduction

Spectators 1st offense: Warning card and must sign form

2nd offense: Removal from the golf course

3rd offense: 25 point deduction from junior involved and one (1) year suspension for spectator from the time of the infraction

  • “Abuse of the Course” will be determined by the event’s Tournament Committee in consultation with personnel from the site in question and the HSJGA Executive Committee.

Violations of the Code of Conduct also include the following:

• Divots not repaired

• Bunkers not raked

• Ball marks not repaired

• Discarded trash not placed in proper receptacles

• Leaving the course or unauthorized “pick-ups” (Only the events’ Tournament Director or Committee may authorize a “pick-up” at any time)

• Horseplay or any other conduct not becoming of an HSJGA member

Violations of the Code of Conduct are subject to the following: deduction of points, disqualification or suspension for a period of time as deemed by the HSJGA Executive Committee. All violations will be written up and shall be reviewed by the HSJGA Executive Committee. Parents will be notified and a conference may be requested.

A section of Rule 33-7 in the USGA Rules of Golf reads as follows: “If a Committee considers that a player is guilty of a serious breach of etiquette, it may impose a penalty of disqualification under this Rule.” The HSJGA will observe this rule at the discretion of the event’s Tournament Committee.

Dress Code: The HSJGA are guests of each facility. Proper attire is required at all times at all HSJGA tournaments, practice rounds, events and/or functions. The dress code prohibits denim (including colored: blue, black, white, etc.), surfer, swim, gym or short shorts (shorts length must be beyond fingertips when arms are hanging to the side), tank tops, halter tops, and T-shirts. All hats must be worn properly (brim forward for caps, etc.) and hair must be well groomed. Collared shirts for all (with sleeves for boys) must be worn and tucked in (boys only) with belts worn if pants or shorts have belt loops. New in 2009 girls shirts with straight hems designed to be worn out will be allowed. HSJGA prohibits earrings on boys. Other than earrings on girls, no other visible body piercing is allowed (nose rings, etc.). Parents, relatives, friends and members not involved in the event and/or spectators are asked to abide by the HSJGA dress code and may be asked to leave the premises if they are in violation of the policy. The dress code will be observed before, during and after the round at the host club and during any HSJGA off-site function.

Any player in violation of the dress code policy at any time will be penal- ized 25 points for their first violation (for both Player of the Year and the HSJGA teams) and 50 points for all subsequent violations. Players will not be allowed to tee off until they are in compliance with the HSJGA dress code. Players are subject to this penalty until they leave the premises of the golf course or any off-site function.

Note: the HSJGA recognizes that shirts can be properly tucked in and can become “un-tucked” during the normal course of play. In these instances, juniors will be asked to tuck their shirts back in. However, if there is a willful violation of this aspect of the dress code (such as deliberately “un-tucking” their shirt or disregarding the request to tuck it back in), a junior is subject to disqualification and a deduction of 25/50 points at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director or Tournament Committee.

Practice Rounds, Clinics and Off-Site Functions:

It is expected that all juniors and all those in attendance adhere to the HSJGA Dress Code during all practice rounds for HSJGA tournaments, HSJGA clinics and all off-site functions. All infractions are subject to resulting consequences.

New in 2010: Several practice rounds will be controlled by the HSJGA. The HSJGA will block tee times that will be available on the registration form (providing there is no school). HSJGA members are asked to utilize these times as to not further inconvenience the facility. Any communication with the golf course MUST be done through the HSJGA office. During practice rounds for any HSJGA tournament, juniors may play only one ball and may not practice chipping or putting when there are players waiting. Violations for this policy will result in the following penalty.


1st Infraction: Warning

2nd Infraction: 100 point deduction for any subsequent infraction.

3rd Infraction: Disqualification from the tournament.

Footwear: It is the condition of the competition at all tournament sites that shoes with metal or traditionally designed spikes are prohibited. Penalty for breach of this condition: DISQUALIFICATION.

Electronic Devices: Range Finders or any device that measures distance is PROHIBITED. The use of electronic devices (Range Finders, I Pods, cellular telephones, MP3 players, etc.) is prohibited during stipulated rounds except cellular telephones to call for a rules official or for cases of emergency. While every possible “emergency” cannot be listed specifically, the intent is that the use of these devices be limited to cases such as an illness involving the player, a fellow competitor or a member of their family. A player in violation will receive one (1) warning (except for the use of range finders, any violation during a stipulated round will result in disqualification). All violations thereafter will result in a 25 point deduction (for both Player of the Year and the HSJGA teams) per violation.

Inclement Weather: Any decision regarding weather delays and/or cancellations will be made on-site, the day of each event, by the event’s Tournament Committee in conjunction with the Golf Course Superintendent, Golf Professionals and current weather forecasts. In case of extreme weather conditions, information regarding cancellations or postponement will be posted on the HSJGA website, sent by email or obtained by calling the HSJGA Tournament Director at (808) 635-4642.

Caddies and Carts: Caddies and carts (excluding non-motorized pull carts) are prohibited. Players must walk and carry or pull their own bags. Tournament approved shuttles may exist at certain sites. Spectator carts are not allowed (See ADA exception).