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Tournament Information HSJGA tournaments are open to all members in good standing as noted below. Qualifying Regions When regional and sectional qualifying is necessary, the following will be used as the designated areas: Regional:            1) Big Island  2) Kauai  3) Maui-Molokai-Lanai  4) Oahu Sectional:            1) Big Island, Maui-Molokai-Lanai  2) Oahu, Kauai (Out of state or country may choose a site) Age Groups and Divisions Age groups for all HSJGA tournaments will be determined by the age of the competitor on July 15, 2011 (*except Junior World eligibility-refer to Appendix III). Juniors are responsible to correctly indicate their age divisions on entry forms. Juniors will play in the age division indicated. In instances where juniors are required to play in their appropriate age division or when a junior inadvertently indicates a younger age division than the one in which they are eligible to play, incorrectly marked entries will result in disqualification. Although juniors may “play up” in HSJGA tournaments (see “Playing Up”), juniors may not “play down.” This means that juniors who, because of their birthday, are moving up from one age division to another during the calendar year (for example, from the 11/12 to 13/14 age division) must play the entire year in the older age division in which they belong on this year’s age determination date. Age groups will be as follows except when noted otherwise on the tournament entry form: (please note that the 7-8 division has been merged into the 9-10 division and will now be referred to as the 7-10 Division) Approximate Average Yardage (Check the HSJGA website for approximate yardages at each course.) Girl’s/Boy’s 7-10                         18 holes: 4,300-5,100 yards Girl’s 11-12                                    18 holes: 5,200-6,000 yards Boy’s 11-12                                    18 holes: 5,200-6,200 yards Girl’s 13-14, 15-18                       18 holes: 5,800-6,400 yards Boy’s 13-14                                   18 holes: 6,000-6,600 yards Boy’s 15-18                                   18 holes: 6,400-7,200 yards