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Pace of Play Policy

Pace of Play Policy

In an effort to address slow play, the HSJGA has adopted Group Pace of Play Guidelines for all HSJGA Championships/Tournaments.  This pace policy has had very positive results in terms of reducing the length of time to play rounds in stroke play.

  • As long as you keep up with the group ahead of you (within 14 minutes) your group will NEVER be in jeopardy of being out of position.  Always look ahead – not behind.
  • Each group will be given a fixed amount of time in which to play 4 or 5 holes within each of the four (4) check-points. Times will be reflected on the score cards.  Each group will be required to complete each check-point hole based on the allocated time or within 14 minutes of the group ahead.
  • Posted signs and atomic clocks will be located on all check-point holes.
  • Check-points will be located at the 4th, 9th, 13th and 18th greens. A check-point will be considered missed if: the hole is not completed (flagstick in the hole) within the allocated cumulative time and the group has not completed the hole within 14 minutes of the group ahead.   If a group misses a check-point all players in the group will be informed by the check-point official and will be given a warning card.  These cards must be turned in at the scoring table upon completions of the round.  If a player or group fails to submit a warning card at scoring, the player or players are subject to disqualification.

1st card – warning*

2nd card – liable to a one stroke penalty

3rd card – liable to an additional two stroke penalty

4th card – liable to disqualification

* If a group clears the 3rd check-point and has not missed any other check-points, but is out of position at the 4th check-point, each player in the group is liable for a one stroke penalty if in the Committee’s view no effort was made by the players to complete their round within the allotted time for the final check-point.

  • If a group misses two or more check-points a player(s) may request a review before signing and returning his score card. A review will be successful if there is evidence the player was:
    • delayed by the Committee
    • delayed because of a circumstance beyond control of the player or group
    • delayed because of another player in the group
  • Review and application of the penalty will only occur in the scoring area, not during the stipulated round. Discussion of the situation with the check-point official will only cause further delay of the group.
  • A player concerned about a non-responsive (slow) fellow-competitor in his group, who is delaying play, should request a Rules Rover to monitor the group in case the group is or becomes liable to penalty under these guidelines.